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Donate To A Fund

Fund Name
Donate 1LT James Garvey Fund
Donate Abedon Family Fund
Donate Academic Magnet Foundation Endowment
Donate Academic Magnet Foundation Fund
Donate AccessAbility Endowment
Donate Addlestone Hebrew Academy Endowment
Donate Addlestone Hebrew School Trust Endowment Fund
Donate Adela Holmes Cook Endowment
Donate Advocacy and Lobbying Expenses
Donate A. E. Jackson Jr. Memorial Fund
Donate Albergotti Hines Fund
Donate Albert P. & Julia K. Shahid Scholarship
Donate Aleta Y. McLeod-Bryant Endowment
Donate Alicia Rhett Art Fund
Donate Alicia Rhett Art Fund for the Gibbes Museum
Donate All Creatures Wild and Domestic
Donate Allen and Mary Jeffcoat Family Fund
Donate Allendale/Low Road College Readiness and Scholarship Endowment
Donate Allene and Charles Barans Science Award Fund
Donate Amanda's Endowment for Ashley Hall
Donate Amanda's Endowment for Hollings Cancer Center
Donate Amanda's Endowment for Porter-Gaud
Donate Amanda's Scholarship Endowment
Donate Andrew J. Collins Donor Advised Fund
Donate Angel R. Terrero Family Fund
Donate Anita Zucker Endowment
Donate Anne Byrd Scholarship Fund
Donate Anne Marie Kathryn White Endowment
Donate Ann Y. Hart Fund
Donate Anson/George Streets Memorial Fund
Donate Artemis Fund
Donate Athletic Endowment - Anonymous
Donate Audrey Glenora Thomas Orange Grove Endowment
Donate August Family Fund
Donate Augustine T. Smythe Endowment
Donate Augustus J. and Lawrence A. Holt Scholarship Endowment
Donate Aut To Give Fund
Donate Avram Kronsberg, Jr. Memorial Scholarship Fund
Donate Bailey Family Charitable Fund
Donate Bakker Family Fund
Donate Baldwin Family Fund
Donate Baldwin-Montague Endowment
Donate Banks-Williams-Banks Scholarship Endowment
Donate Barans Marine Biology Fellowship Fund
Donate Barbara and Conrad Zimmerman, Jr. Fund
Donate Bares Family Fund One
Donate Bares Family Fund Two
Donate Barrier Islands Free Medical Clinic Endowment
Donate Barry D. Gumb, Jr. Scholarship Endowment
Donate Baseball Forever Endowment
Donate Bauer International's Island House Fund
Donate Bayard Winthrop Endowment
Donate Bazemore Family Fund
Donate BB&T Co. Community Investment Endowment Fund
Donate B. C. and E. A. Boylston Family Endowment
Donate Beaufort County Distance Learning Fund
Donate Beaufort Fund Trust
Donate Beaufort Fund Trust - Finance
Donate Beaufort Fund Trust - GCL
Donate Beaufort Fund Trust - Marketing
Donate BEGIN WITH BOOKS Early Literacy Fund
Donate Ben and Dianne Lever Fund
Donate Benefitfocus Fund
Donate Benefitfocus-Paris Cavic Scholarship Fund
Donate Benjamin C. & Eleanor A. Boylston Fund for Johns Island
Donate Bennett-Uffelman Family Fund
Donate Bernice and Samuel Judge Scholarship Endowment
Donate Bethe Rittenberg Fund
Donate Betsy McAdams Memorial Endowment
Donate Betsy Warren Endowment
Donate Betty and Brady Anderson Fund
Donate Bill Runey Scholarship Endowment
Donate Blackbaud Fund
Donate Blackbaud Unrestricted Endowment
Donate Blackburn Family Charitable Fund
Donate Bob and Bonita Voigt Charitable Fund
Donate Bob and Carol Linville Animal Welfare Fund
Donate Bob and Jackie Lane Family Endowment
Donate Boylston-Addison Fund for the Monastery of St. Clare Travelers Rest, SC 15243
Donate Boylston Family Fund
Donate Braddock Family Fund
Donate Branham Family Fund
Donate BRIDGENorthCharleston Fund
Donate Bruce D. Murdy Endowment
Donate Brumley Family Fund
Donate BUN Board Development
Donate BUN Board Executive
Donate BUN Board Finance
Donate BUN Board Grantmaking
Donate BUN Board Marketing
Donate BUN Board Operations
Donate BUN Development
Donate BUN Executive
Donate BUN Finance
Donate BUN Grantmaking
Donate BUN Marketing
Donate Bunnelle Board & Committee Engagement
Donate Bunnelle Operations
Donate Bunny & Ray Rabun Scholarship Endowment
Donate BUN Operations
Donate Burden's End Fund
Donate Burroughs & Chapin Family Fund
Donate C & A Endowment
Donate Campbell-Marcus Endowment
Donate Campbell-Marcus Endowment for Chamber Music Charleston
Donate Camp Happy Days Endowment
Donate Carmel Ann Goodstein Fund
Donate Carolina Master Chorale Endowment
Donate Caroline Marsh Educational Memorial Fund
Donate Carolyn Burroughs Fund
Donate Carolyn R. Westbury Endowment for The ARK
Donate Carsten Edgar Jantzen Fund
Donate Casey Altman Foundation
Donate Catfish Row Company Music Scholarship Fund
Donate CATR Scholarship Fund
Donate CCF Executive
Donate CCF Finance
Donate CCF Grantmaking
Donate CCF Marketing
Donate CCF Operations
Donate CCF Operations
Donate CCSD Lawrence G. Derthick, Jr. Memorial Fund
Donate Chabad of Charleston Endowment
Donate Charitable Society of Charleston's Special Gifts Endowment
Donate Charles D. Foster Scholarship Endowment
Donate Charles E. & Cecil L. Eiserhardt Scholarship
Donate Charles & Margaret Jordan Donor Advised Fund
Donate Charleston 350 Commemoration Fund
Donate Charleston Area Therapeutic Riding Endowment
Donate Charleston Catholic School "Benefactors" Scholarship
Donate Charleston County Medical Society Alliance Fund
Donate Charleston County Parks Foundation Fund
Donate Charleston County Public Library Fund
Donate Charleston County School District Academic Project Fund
Donate Charleston County School District Scholarship Endowment
Donate Charleston First Responders Scholarship
Donate Charleston Jewish Community Center Endowment
Donate Charleston Jewish Federation "Good Deeds" Endowment
Donate Charleston Natural History Society Children's Education Fund
Donate Charleston Natural History Society Endowment Fund
Donate Charleston Nine Memorial Park Fund
Donate Charleston Police Endowment
Donate Charleston Shared Future Fund
Donate Charleston Stage Company Endowment
Donate Charleston Together Fund
Donate Charles Webb/Ed Croft Trust Endowment
Donate Charlotte D. and Joseph P. Riley, Jr.
Donate Charlton deSaussure, Jr. Endowment
Donate Chase Family Fund
Donate "Chesed"-Mildred and Joseph Firetag AHA Scholarship Fund
Donate Chicco-Kaiser Family Award
Donate Chitty Family Endowment
Donate Christian Family Y Endowment
Donate Christopher Joseph Cahill Scholarship Fund
Donate Churches Assisting People Endowment Fund
Donate CITC Development
Donate CITC Executive
Donate CITC Finance
Donate CITC Grantmaking
Donate CITC Marketing
Donate CITC Operations
Donate CJE-CYB Family Fund
Donate Clark Foundation Endowment Fund
Donate Clay and Virginia Pennington Family Fund
Donate Clay & Nicole Middleton Family Fund
Donate Clement Rivers, LLP Endowment
Donate Clyde W. Port Catalyst Award Fund
Donate Coastal Breast Endowment
Donate Coastal Community Foundation Unrestricted Fund
Donate Coastal Crisis Chaplaincy Endowment
Donate Coastal Federal Bank Endowment for the Foundation
Donate Cohen Family Fund
Donate Colbert Family Fund
Donate Colonial Endowment
Donate Committee of Descendants Fund
Donate Common Issues Common Threads
Donate Community Based Grantmaking Fund
Donate Community Kitchen Endowment Fund
Donate Community Leadership Fund
Donate Congregation Dor Tikvah Endowment
Donate Connected for Success Fund
Donate Connolly Family Fund
Donate Cooper River Bridge Run Grants Program Fund
Donate Cora Lee Hamlin Endowment
Donate Corinne Vincent Sade Endowment Fund
Donate Cornelia Carrier Endowment
Donate COSY Children's Trust
Donate COSY Endowment
Donate COVID 19 Relief & Recovery Fund
Donate CPP - Community Partnership Program
Donate CRAN Charleston Scholarship Endowment
Donate Cristopher Redman-Gress Fund
Donate Dalton Demorest 1 Fund
Donate Dalton Demorest 2 Fund
Donate Dandy Joint Venture Fund
Donate Daniel and Ruth Berlinsky Fund
Donate Daniel J. & Evelyn P. Sullivan Scholarship Fund
Donate Daniel Matthew O'Neal Scholarship Fund
Donate Daniel M. Hundley Fund
Donate Daniel Ravenel Real Estate Co. Restoration Assistance Fund
Donate Daughtridge Family Endowment
Donate Daughtridge Family Endowment for First Scots & St. Michael's
Donate David and Chrissy Williams Fund
Donate David and Susan Schoenholz Endowment
Donate David Bundy and Katherine Richardson Family Fund
Donate David E. Matthews Endowment for First Baptist Church
Donate Davis Family Scholarship Endowment for Christian Students
Donate Dayna & Dick Elliott Family Fund
Donate DeCosta Scholarship Endowment
Donate Dee (Martha) C. Price "Best Friends for Animal Fund"
Donate DeMarco Family Fund
Donate Derek Revord Endowment
Donate Detyens Family Endowment
Donate Disaster Recovery Fund for Horry and Georgetown Counties
Donate Disaster Response Fund
Donate Donald C. and Johanna Miller Scholarship Endowment
Donate Donald Dean Scholarship Endowment
Donate Donor Services Fund
Donate Dorchester County Fund
Donate Duane Scholarship Endowment
Donate Dunn Family Fund
Donate DuRant Family Fund
Donate D. Ward and Gladys S. Wilson Scholarship Endowment
Donate E2C Development
Donate E2C Executive
Donate E2C Finance
Donate E2C Grantmaking
Donate E2C Marketing
Donate E2C Operations
Donate East Cooper Community Outreach Endowment
Donate East Cooper Meals On Wheels, Inc. Endowment
Donate East Cooper Medical Center Community Fund
Donate Edisto Island Historic Preservation Society Endowment
Donate Edmund and Marilyn Barron Fund
Donate Edna M. Sutton Fund
Donate Edsel J. "Coupe" DeVille Scholarship Fund (Surfside Rotary)
Donate Education to Career
Donate Edward and Mabel Waldorf Fund
Donate Edward Field Winthrop Endowment
Donate Edward G. R. Bennett Endowment
Donate Edward & Mikell Tupper Family Fund
Donate Edwin Gardner Memorial Endowment
Donate Edwin Pearlstine Endowment for Kahal Kadosh Beth Elohim
Donate Eiserhardt Family Fund
Donate Elaine and Stuart Tessler Family Fund
Donate Elinor and Manuel Cohen Endowment
Donate Elisabeth and Spencer Lynch Family Endowment
Donate Elizabeth C. Rivers Lewine Endowment
Donate Elizabeth Gehrkin McEniry Foreign Missions Endowment
Donate Elizabeth M. Faith Family Fund
Donate Elizabeth Rivers Lewine Endowment for CSO Fund
Donate Elizabeth Tarrant Anderson Endowment For Children
Donate Elliott Realty Charitable Community Fund
Donate Elliott Realty Charitable Endowment Fund
Donate Elsie Beavers Carver and E. Lois Carver Educational Fund
Donate Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church Endowment
Donate Emergency Loan Fund
Donate Endowment for Children in Crisis
Donate Endowment for College of Charleston's Jewish Studies Program
Donate Endowment for Volunteer Services
Donate Environmental Endowment
Donate Esther Lorine Bailey Rivers Scholarship
Donate Eve K. Evans Endowment
Donate Ever Lovin' Henson Family Fund
Donate Expansion Arts Fund
Donate Faith Jefferson/Hohloch Scholarship Endowment
Donate Family Services, Inc. DBA Origin SC Endowment
Donate Father Robert Kelly Endowment
Donate Father Robert Kelly Scholarship Endowment
Donate Felix & Juanita Rhue Scholarship Fund
Donate Fennell Family Endowment
Donate Fields to Families Endowment Fund
Donate First United Methodist Church of Myrtle Beach Trust Fund
Donate Fischbein Family Fund for Addlestone Hebrew Academy
Donate Fischbein Family Fund for Synagogue Emanu-El
Donate Florence Port Educational Fund (2)
Donate Franklin G Burroughs-Simeon B Chapin Art Museum Endowment
Donate Fred E. Pittman Fund
Donate Freedom For Kids Playground Fund
Donate Frene Nichole Haynes Scholarship Fund
Donate Fr. Gregory B. Wilson Scholarship
Donate Friendship Foundation Fund
Donate Friends of Johns Island's Public Schools Fund
Donate Friends of SOA Endowment
Donate Friends of SOA Fund
Donate Friends of Sullivan's Island
Donate Friends of Youth Athletics in Beaufort County Grants Fund
Donate Fripp Island Audubon Club Fund
Donate Frost, Read and Simons Fund
Donate FUMC Endowment Maintenance Fund
Donate FUMC Endowment Youth Camp Fund
Donate Fund for John's Island
Donate Fund for Special Children
Donate Fund for Transition
Donate Fund for Youth
Donate Future Military Officers Scholarship Fund
Donate Garden City Chapel Endowment Fund
Donate Gary R. Lamberson Endowment
Donate Gene Elizabeth Burges Endowment
Donate General Scholarship Fund
Donate George and Betty Shane Children's Fund
Donate George and Betty Shane Educational Fund
Donate George and Margaret Bullwinkel Family Fund
Donate George Edmund Miller Integrity in Journalism Fund
Donate George J. F. Bullwinkel Scholarship Fund
Donate George W. and Phyllis Miller Fund
Donate George W. Wurthmann Jr. Fund
Donate Gibbes Museum of Art Endowment
Donate Gilbert and June Bradham Endowment
Donate Gilbreth Endowment for Charleston Animal Society
Donate Gilbreth Endowment for Committee on Better Racial Assurance
Donate Gilbreth Endowment for Our Lady of Mercy
Donate Gilbreth Endowment for Preservation Society of Charleston
Donate Gilbreth Endowment for the Association for the Blind
Donate Gilbreth Endowment for the Lowcountry Food Bank
Donate Gilbreth Endowment for the Ronald McDonald House
Donate Gilbreth Family Fund
Donate Gilston Family Fund
Donate Givens Family Charitable Fund
Donate Giving Back to Berkeley County Fund
Donate Gladly Giving More Fund
Donate Glenn and Mary Workman Endowment
Donate Glenn and Mary Workman Endowment for Lutheran Seminary
Donate Glenn and Mary Workman Endowment for Lutheran World Relief
Donate Glenn and Mary Workman Endowment for Salvation Army
Donate Glenn W. & Beverly L. Fuller Education Foundation
Donate Godwin Charitable Fund
Donate Goer Family Charitable Fund
Donate Goldberg Family Charitable Fund
Donate Grady Jenkins & Bertie Jenkins McDowell DA Endowed Fund
Donate Grand Bahamas Disaster Relief Fund
Donate Granger Family Fund
Donate Grenville Winthrop Endowment
Donate G. Richard and Susanne L. Query Fund
Donate Griffith/Reyburn Lowcountry Artist Award
Donate Griffith/Reyburn Scholarship
Donate Guy Daniels Memorial Scholarship Fund
Donate Hal Currey and Peggy Schachte Endowment for The Avian Conservation Center
Donate Hanvey Endowment for Coastal Carolina Council Boy Scouts
Donate Hanvey Endowment for the Cathedral of St. John the Baptist
Donate Happy Gulls Endowment
Donate Harold Fox Endowment for Jewish Family Services
Donate Harold L. Glover Fund for Children
Donate Harold Newlin Hill Scholarship Endowment
Donate Harold Stowe Fund
Donate Harrell Family Fund
Donate Harriet and Herbert Keyserling Endowment
Donate Harriet G. Wells Fund
Donate Harriet Stoney Simons Endowment
Donate Harry Frank Guggenheim Endowment
Donate Haskell and Barbara Ellison Endowment
Donate Haven Education Fund
Donate Hays Family Fund
Donate Healthy Harbor Fund
Donate Heart of the Lion Endowment
Donate Hebrew Orphan Society Benevolence Fund
Donate Hebrew Orphan Society Edgar B. Miles Scholarship Endowment
Donate Hebrew Orphan Society Zippora Solomons Fund
Donate Heidi and Barry Allen Family Fund
Donate Helen S. and Joseph P. Riley, Sr. Endowment
Donate Helping Hands of Georgetown Endowment Fund
Donate Henning Fund
Donate Henrietta F. Gaillard Leadership Fund
Donate Henry Blackford Endowment
Donate Henry Fair Family Fund for the Environment
Donate Henry W. and Emily S. Smith Endowment for Families
Donate Herman and Nell Muckenfuss Family Fund
Donate Hewitt Family Fund
Donate H. George Meyer Scholarship for Bishop England
Donate Hidden Figures STEM Scholarship Fund
Donate Hill-Weatherford Post of the American Legion Scholarship End
Donate Hiott Family S.P.A.Y. Fund
Donate Holland Family Charitable Fund
Donate Home Community Fund
Donate Home Telecom Fund II
Donate Hooker Family Fund
Donate Hopeful Horizons Endowment Fund
Donate Horry County Historical Society
Donate Howard B. Sherman Charitable Fund
Donate Howard D. Edwards Endowment
Donate Howard W. Krauss, Jr. Memorial Scholarship Endowment
Donate Hugs for Harper Endowment
Donate Human Needs Endowment
Donate Humphrey Family Endowment
Donate Hurricane Matthew Relief Fund of th eEast Central Carolinas
Donate Hyman Family Life Insurance Fund
Donate IKON Pride Endowment
Donate IMPACT Endowment
Donate Infrastructure Fund
Donate International African American Museum Endowment Fund
Donate Isaiah Bennett Memorial Scholarship Fund
Donate Jack C. Muller Scholarship Fund
Donate Jack Maybank Maritime Scholarship
Donate Jackson Family Donor Advised Fund
Donate Jackson-Ledford Family Fund
Donate James and Kathleen Ramich Family Fund
Donate James B. Edwards Elementary School Grants Fund
Donate James B. Edwards Tom Lee Endowment
Donate James Campbell and DuBois Kenyatta Campbell Memorial Endowment
Donate James C. and Cynthia S. Mabry Fund
Donate James Creel Fund
Donate James Fei and Christina Fei Memorial Fund
Donate James H. Phillips MD Family Fund
Donate James Island Rams Alumni Scholarship
Donate James J. Kerr Family Tuition Assistance Fund
Donate James O. and Harriet P. Rigney Endowment
Donate James T. Bryan, Jr.-U.S.S. Yorktown CV-10 Association, Inc.
Donate James Wallace Blanton Fund
Donate Jane and Larry Iwan Fund
Donate Janice and Ellis Kahn Endowment
Donate JAR Endowed Fund
Donate Jasiri L. K. Whipper Scholarship Endowment
Donate Jay Cook Rotary Youth Exchange Scholarship Fund
Donate J. C. and Alberta S. Long Scholarship Fund
Donate JCGB Foundation Fund
Donate JCK Endowment
Donate J. Conrad Zimmerman, Jr. Endowment
Donate Jean and James Rion Endowment
Donate Jeanne Edwards Endowment for McClellanville's Children
Donate J. Edwin, Jr. and Anne T. Schachte Endowment
Donate Jeff and Lynn Benjamin Fund
Donate Jerry & Anita Zucker Endowment for the Boy Scouts
Donate Jerry & Anita Zucker Family Endowment for CJF
Donate Jerry Zucker Endowment
Donate Jerry Zucker Endowment for Jewish Studies at C of C
Donate Jerry Zucker Middle School of Science Endowment
Donate Jessica Yvonne Lutz Endowment
Donate Joan Coulter Pittman Fund
Donate Joanne & Morgan Morton Fund
Donate Joanne Newton Ayers Endowment for Children, Youth & Families
Donate Jobe Colbert and Pauline D. Colbert Charitable Endowment
Donate Joe Frank Garner Endowment for Medical Mission Work
Donate John A. & Judith A. McLeod Family Fund
Donate John and Marie Metz Endowment for Public School Teachers.
Donate John and Norma Palms Family Fund
Donate John and Susan Bennett Memorial Arts Fund
Donate John F. And Katherine M. Maybank Fund
Donate John H. Tiencken, Jr. Fund
Donate John J. Kerr Memorial Scholarship Fund
Donate John M. Draughn and Trena B. Draughn Family Endowed Fund
Donate John M. Draughn and Trena B.Draughn Scholarship Fund
Donate John S. and James L. Knight Foundation Donor Advised Fund
Donate Johnston Family Fund
Donate John T. and Elizabeth K. Cahill Fund
Donate John T. and Elizabeth K. Cahill Fund II
Donate John Winthrop Endowment for Early Literacy
Donate John Winthrop Fund in Memory of Adrianne B. Reilly
Donate John Winthrop Jr. Endowment
Donate Jonathan Green Charleston Chums Arts Endowment
Donate Jonathan P. Kresken Educational Fund
Donate Jones Family Fund
Donate Jordy & Lisa Tupper Family Fund
Donate Joseph and Barbara Amato Charitable Fund
Donate Joseph Francis Flowers Scholarship Endowment
Donate Joseph H. and Evelyn M. McGee Fund
Donate Jucha Family Foundation
Donate Judith A. Baird Endowment
Donate Judith & Melvin Solomon Endowment for Addlestone
Donate Judith Sexton-Walls Endowment
Donate Julia and Lee McLeod Endowment
Donate Julie S. Muckenfuss Family Fund
Donate Junior Achievement of Greater South Carolina
Donate Junior League Endowment
Donate Kahal Kadosh Beth Elohim Endowment
Donate Katharine and John Crawford Family Endowment
Donate Katherine Adele Dunn Watson Scholarship
Donate Katherine Binford Salmons Fund
Donate Katherine P. Waring Memorial Endowment
Donate Kathryn and Gerald Schulze Endowment Fund
Donate Kaye and Karl H. Segelken Ark Endowment Fund
Donate Kaynard Family Fund
Donate Kellogg Family Fund
Donate Kemah Fund
Donate Kenneth and Frances Nix Community Fund
Donate Kenneth and Frances Nix Community Fund for Acorn Fund
Donate Kenneth E. Swain Charitable Trust
Donate Ketner Endowment
Donate Ketner Fund for Social Justice
Donate Ketner Lowcountry Women's Fund
Donate Khoury Family Endowment
Donate KIT ("Kids in Triumph") Endowment
Donate Kohlheim Family Fund
Donate Kris Basala Endowment
Donate Kronsberg Family Fund
Donate Kylie Erin Gillette Scholarship Fund
Donate Laing School Association Living Legacy Endowment Fund
Donate LAMC Community Mitigation Scholarship Endowment
Donate LAMC Distribution Fund
Donate LAMC Education Endowment
Donate LAMC Fund for Community Projects
Donate LAMC Fund for Community Wellness Center
Donate LAMC Job Training Endowment
Donate LAMC Organization Capacity Building Endowment
Donate LAMC Organization Operational Fund
Donate LAMC Work Force Development Fund
Donate LAMC Youth Initiative Endowment
Donate Lammonds Family Fund
Donate Laura Hoke Skatell Community Service Award Endowment
Donate L.C. and Margaret Walker Endowment
Donate Leah D. Greenberg Endowment
Donate Leah & Philip Chase Fund for Israeli Education
Donate Leah Read and Seymour I.Barkowitz Scholarship Fund
Donate Legasey Family Fund
Donate LeRoy Family Philanthropic Fund
Donate Lesesne Trelstad Family Fund
Donate Lewis and Gladys Wallace Scholarship Fund
Donate Lieberman Family Endowment
Donate Lieberman Family Fund
Donate Linda G. Ketner Endowment
Donate Linda G. Porter Charitable Fund
Donate Linda Oshinsky Memorial Scholarship Endowment
Donate Linda Plunkett Endowment
Donate Lindsay Family Fund
Donate Literacy Matters Fund
Donate Lloyd B. Williams Family Fund
Donate Lloyd Williams, Jr. Family Fund
Donate L. Mendel Rivers Endowed Scholarship at Charleston Southern
Donate Lois Hauber Memorial Lifeline Fund
Donate Lone Oak Fund
Donate Lori Ann Campbell Fund
Donate Lothmann Family Fund
Donate Louisa & David Hawkins Fund
Donate Lowcountry African American Giving Circle Fund
Donate Lowcountry Conservation Loan Fund
Donate Lowcountry Preparatory School Endowment Fund
Donate Lowcountry Releaf Endowment
Donate Lowcountry Unity Fund
Donate Luke's Legacy Fund
Donate Mack and Joyce Singleton Charitable Fund
Donate Madeleine S. McGee Endowment
Donate Malcolm D. Haven Endowment
Donate Manigault Family Fund
Donate Marc and Sherry Smith Family Fund
Donate Marcia & Johnny Wood Scholarship for Hampton County Students
Donate Margaret and Julius Burges Endowment for Ashley Hall
Donate Margaret and Julius Burges Endowment for Lutheran Homes
Donate Margaret and Julius Burges Endowment for St. John's Lutheran
Donate Margaret Bayly Scholarship Endowment
Donate Margaret H. Boylston Fund for Allendale and Barnwell County
Donate Margaret & Julius Burges Unrestricted Endowment
Donate Margaret L. and Charles L. McElveen, Jr. Endowment
Donate Margot S. Freudenberg Endowment for Hope Lodge of Charleston
Donate Marilyn Hoffman Charleston Jewish Federation Endowment
Donate Marion and Wayland H. Cato, Jr. Endowed Scholarship Fund
Donate Marion and Wayland H. Cato, Jr. Scholarship Fund for ACBA
Donate Marion and Wayland H. Cato, Jr. Scholarship Fund for CSU
Donate Marion Rivers Cato Endowed Nursing School Scholarship Fund
Donate Marion Stuart Hanckel Endowment
Donate Marion & Wayland H. Cato, Jr. Hospice & Paliative Care
Donate Marlowe Moxley Memorial Endowment
Donate Martha B. Dicus Fund for Public Service
Donate Marva Smalls Endowment
Donate Mary Hagerty Fund
Donate Mary K. Harlin Scholarship
Donate Mary M. Livingston Endowed DAF
Donate Mary M. Livingston Non-Endowed DAF
Donate Matthew Watson Endowment
Donate Max Kirshstein Community Endowment
Donate McIntyre Family Fund
Donate McKissick Scholarship Endowment
Donate Medich Family Fund
Donate Melvin and Judith Solomon Endowment
Donate Melvin H. Knisely-ISOTT Award Endowment
Donate Metanoia Endowment
Donate Metanoia Youth Leadership Academy Endowment
Donate Meyers Family Fund
Donate Michael T. and Kathryn S. Cole Donor Fund
Donate Milbrey Anne Gnann Memorial Fund
Donate Mildred E. Swatko Scholarship Fund
Donate Mildred M. Winkel Endowment
Donate Mildred S. and Paul M. Minus Fund
Donate Miller-Maginn Family Fund
Donate Minus, Young and Ward Family Fund
Donate Miss Ruby's Kids
Donate Morris D. Finkelstein Scholarship Endowment
Donate Morris Kalinsky Campaign Continuity Fund
Donate Mother Emanuel AME Scholarship Endowment
Donate Mount Pleasant Rotary Scholarship Endowment
Donate Mr. and Mrs. Asaid F. Shahid Scholarship for Bishop England
Donate Mr. and Mrs. Hall T. McGee Fund for Teachers
Donate Mr. and Mrs. Hall T. McGee, Jr. Fund for Second Presbyterian
Donate Mr. and Mrs. John Winthrop Endowment for Internships
Donate Mr. and Mrs. Michael L. Runey Scholarship
Donate Mr. and Mrs. Stanley G. Harris, Jr. Endowment
Donate Mr. & Mrs. Hall T. McGee, Jr. Fund for Grace Episcopal Church
Donate Mr & Mrs. James D. Lubs Endowment
Donate Mu Alpha Chapter Fund
Donate Mullin Family Fund
Donate Myrtle Beach Area Hospitality Scholarship Fund
Donate Nancy Needle Mendelson Best Friend Endowment
Donate Nancy Young McEniry Endowment for Child and Animal Concerns
Donate Natalie and John Thompson Family Fund
Donate National Golf Course Owners' Association Scholarship Endowme
Donate Ned B. Williams Endowment
Donate Neighborhoods Energized To Win Endowment
Donate Neighborhoods Energized to Win (N.E.W.) Fund
Donate Neighbor to Neighbor Endowment Fund
Donate Newton Family Fund
Donate Northern Beaufort County Public School Fund
Donate Novello Family Fund
Donate Obediah Fund
Donate Ocean Watersports Fund
Donate Olivia F. Garren Children's Endowment Fund
Donate Oma Vaughn Fund
Donate One80 Place Endowment
Donate Open Grants Holding Bin
Donate Operation Home Endowment
Donate Otto M. & Kathryn M. Strock Endowment for CSU Scholarship
Donate Owen/McClinton Family Fund
Donate Owen Riley Lee Endowment
Donate P2P Development
Donate P2P Executive
Donate P2P Finance
Donate P2P Grantmaking
Donate P2P Marketing
Donate P2P Operations
Donate Palmetto Alzheimers Chapter Endowment
Donate Palmetto Giving Day
Donate Palmetto Society Endowment
Donate Parker Family Fund
Donate Park Ravenel Dougherty Leadership Award and Scholarship
Donate Pathways 2 Possibilities
Donate Pati Crosby Croffead Fund for the Arts
Donate Paul Runey Family Fund
Donate Paul & Sharon Malone Fund
Donate Paul Weber Memorial Fund
Donate Pawleys Island Kiwanis Scholarship Fund
Donate PBII Fund
Donate Pearlstine Endowment for Hope Lodge
Donate Pearlstine Family Fund
Donate Peggy Morris and Audrey/Thomas Endowment
Donate Pendarvis Family Foundation
Donate Pete and Betsy Barr Endowment Fund
Donate Philip Drake Memorial Fund
Donate Philip O'Neill Hanvey Memorial Scholarship Trust
Donate Pinckney Family Endowment
Donate Pinckney Family Scholarship
Donate Pinnacle Bank Fund
Donate Port Royal Sound Stewart Fund
Donate Pringle-Read Endowment
Donate Project Golf Fund
Donate PSL Family Fund
Donate Public Education Foundation Endowment
Donate Public Trust Fund
Donate Query Family Fund
Donate Quinn/Henry Charitable Donor Advised Fund
Donate Rabbi David and Barbara Radinsky Addlestone Hebrew Academy Endowment
Donate Rabbinic Endowment Fund
Donate Rachel Amey Scholarship Endowment
Donate Randall G. Heffron Endowment Fund
Donate Randall G. Heffron Scholarship Endowment Fund
Donate Raquel and David Mintzer Endowment
Donate Rawle Murdy Associates Endowment
Donate Raymond D. Houlihan Fund
Donate Raymond H. and Betty Minus Young Fund
Donate Read Family Fund
Donate Real Estate Community Endowment
Donate Realtor Assistance Fund Trust (RAFT)
Donate REALTORS Housing Opportunities Fund Permanent Endowment
Donate REALTORS Housing Opportunities Spendout Fund
Donate REMEMBER Program for Holocaust & Genocide Awareness Endowment
Donate Renee F. Kolender Holocaust Memorial
Donate Reverend Dr. Benjamin J. Whipper and the Honorable Lucille S. Whipper Memorial Fund
Donate Reverend Pinckney Scholarship Fund
Donate Reverend Pinckney Scholarship Fund-GCL
Donate Reyburn/Griffith Fund for Charleston Symphony Orchestra
Donate Rhett Family Fund
Donate Rhodia Endowment
Donate Rhyben Endowment
Donate Rice Family Fund
Donate Rich and Ollie Fund
Donate Richard E. Fields Charitable and Educational Fund
Donate Richard Hendry Endowment
Donate Richman-Cohen Endowment for Addlestone Hebrew Academy
Donate Rita L. and Leon Banov, Jr., M.D. Fund
Donate Ritchie H. and Gale J. Belser Fund for Giving
Donate Robert A. Faith Family Fund
Donate Robert Barber Fund
Donate Robert C. Heffron, Jr. Memorial Endowment
Donate Robert C. & Louise S. Heffron Leadership Fund
Donate Ronald McDonald House Charities of Charleston (SC) Endowment
Donate Ron and Deanna Dendy Fund
Donate Roper Foundation Community Wellness Endowment for the Charleston County Library
Donate Rosa Strait Endowment
Donate Rosemont Neighborhood Endowment
Donate Ross and Jennifer Campbell Fund
Donate Ross Family Fund
Donate Rotary Club of Charleston-Breakfast Beautification Fund
Donate Rotary Club of Charleston-Breakfast Endowed Fund
Donate Rotary Club of Charleston Scholarship Endowment
Donate Royall Family Fund
Donate RPWB Endowment
Donate Ruby Pendergrass Cornwell Endowment
Donate Ruell and Deborah Hicks Fund
Donate Rufus C. Barkley, Jr. Leadership Scholarship Fund
Donate Rural Development Endowment
Donate Ruth H. Heffron Endowment
Donate Sally J. Smith Fund
Donate Sam and Regina Greene Family Fund
Donate Samuel B. Hudson, Sr. Family Fund for the Waccamaw Area
Donate Sandra and Howard Peskin Endowment
Donate Sandra and Howard Peskin Endowment for CJF
Donate Santee Hunting Club Fund
Donate Sarah F. Houlihan Fund
Donate Saul Alexander Foundation Fund
Donate Saul Alexander Grant Fund
Donate SC City/County Management Association Scholarship Endowment
Donate SC Green Fund
Donate Scholarship Fund of Gamma Lambda Boule
Donate Scholarship Holding Fund
Donate Scholarships for Bishop England Fund
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Donate Seacoast Scholarship Endowment
Donate Sea Haven Youth Foundation
Donate Sea Islands Endowment
Donate Sean and Gillian McLernon Family Fund
Donate Seedling Fund
Donate Shannon's Hope Endowment
Donate Shannon Sudderth Scholarship Endowment
Donate Sharon and David Ward Family Fund
Donate Sharon and Edwin Toporek Endowment Fund
Donate Sharon Malone Scholarship for Habitat for Humanity
Donate Sharon Stewart Port Royal Sound Endowment Fund
Donate Sherwood and Linda Hayes Fund
Donate Shirley & Michael Mills Endowment for Holocaust Remembrance
Donate Shirley & Mike Mills Endowment for Synagogue Emanu-El
Donate Silverman Fund
Donate Sisters of Charity of Our Lady of Mercy Enduring Scholarship
Donate Sisters of Charity of Our Lady of Mercy Fund
Donate SJK Tadler Family Fund
Donate Skelly Family Fund
Donate Smith Endowment
Donate Smythe Family Fund
Donate Social Venture Partners Charleston SC
Donate SOS Healthcare Endowment
Donate South Carolina Environmental Law Project Endowment
Donate Spann Family Foundation
Donate Spoleto Festival USA Endowment
Donate Stanley B. Farbstein Endowment
Donate Stanley B. Farbstein Endowment of JEF
Donate Stanley B. Farbstein Fund for Beth Israel Congregation
Donate Stasiukaitis Family Fund
Donate Steinberg Law Firm Community Fund
Donate Stephen C. Attaway Memorial Fund
Donate Stephen T. Albenesius Endowment for Youth & Families
Donate Stoy Family Endowment
Donate Sue's Hope Scholarship Fund
Donate Sullivan's Island School Endowment
Donate Summerville Presbyterian Church Endowment
Donate Sumter Temple Sinai Cemetery Fund
Donate Surfside United Methodist Church of Surfside Beach, SC Perma
Donate Susan T. and Eric G. Friberg Fund
Donate Susan White Fund
Donate Suzanne and Lloyd Williams Endowment
Donate Symphony Permanent Endowment Fund
Donate Synagogue Emanu-El Endowment
Donate Synagogue Emanu-El Leah & Ray Greenberg Education Endowment
Donate Tall Pines Endowment
Donate Tamsberg Family Foundation
Donate T. C. Drayton Scholarship Fund
Donate TCF Realty, LLC
Donate Teach My People Building Fund
Donate Teach My People Endowment
Donate Teach My People Scholarship Endowment
Donate Temple Sinai Endowment Fund
Donate Tend My Sheep/Love One Another
Donate Terri Melendez Fund
Donate Terry Florence Golf Endowment
Donate The Adoff-Teegen Friends and Family Fund
Donate The Artist's Endowment
Donate Theatre of the Republic Endowment Fund
Donate The Avery Institute Fund
Donate The Beaufort Fund
Donate The Boone Foundation
Donate The Bornstein Fund
Donate The Bovie Family Fund
Donate The Burke Promise Fund
Donate The Care Fund
Donate The Caring Heart Fund
Donate The Claire and Joe Dumas Fund
Donate The Coach Lenny "Pic" Piccirillo '79 Memorial Scholarship
Donate The Colleton Fund
Donate The Cumbaa Family Fund
Donate The CWD3 Fund
Donate The Decker Family Fund
Donate The Dee Norton Lowcountry Children's Center Endowment
Donate The Denise and Leonard Kowalski Fund
Donate The Driver-Fitts Fund
Donate The Dr. Michael & Audrey Runey Charitable Family Fund
Donate The Felix & Carolyn Turner Fund
Donate The Gadsden Fund
Donate The Garland Family Foundation Fund
Donate The George and Jane Tupper Family Fund
Donate The Ghoston Family Mission
Donate The Glasspro-Heinauer Family Fund
Donate The Harry H. and Adela N. Tetrick Fund
Donate The H. Dallon Weathers Family Fund
Donate The Herbert W. Jarvis Fund
Donate The Human Fund
Donate The Jemison Family Fund
Donate The Jerry and Anita Zucker Family Endowment
Donate The Jerry Zucker Unrestricted Endowment
Donate The Jimmy Fenn Fund
Donate The John and Hannah Stewart Fund
Donate The Kenneth and Priscilla Robinson Endowment
Donate The Layla and Darth Fund for Animal Welfare
Donate The Marksbury Fund
Donate The Marlies G. Tindall Charitable Fund
Donate The McGuire Family Fund
Donate The Millbrook Fund
Donate The Montgomery Fund
Donate The Nat Shulman Jewish Community
Donate The Nixon Family Charitable Fund
Donate Theodore and Rachel Levin Endowment
Donate Theodore S. Stern Endowment
Donate The Pinckney Avenue Family Endowment
Donate The Pinckney Avenue Family Fund
Donate The Post and Courier Public Service and Investigative Reporting Endowment
Donate The Post and Courier Public Service and Investigative Reporting Fund
Donate The Saul Alexander Fund for Crime Prevention
Donate The Simmons Home and Workshop Fund
Donate The Stephen Colbert Americone Dream Fund
Donate The Stokes Family Fund
Donate The Stokes Family Fund II
Donate The Sun News Educational Foundation Scholarship Endowment
Donate The Sun News Educational Foundation Teacher Mini-Grant Endowment
Donate The Thaddeus John Bell, MD Family Scholarship Endowment
Donate The Van Hoose Family Fund
Donate The Walldorf Family Fund
Donate Thiedke-Thompson Fund
Donate Thomas and Cheryl Boswell Charitable Fund
Donate Thomas E. Thornhill - Kiwanis Scholarship Endowment
Donate Thomas P. Anderson Endowment
Donate Thomas R. and Wanda C. Martin Charitable Fund
Donate Thomas W. Edwards & Robin W. Edwards Donor Advised Fund
Donate Thomas W. Jones Memorial Scholarship Fund
Donate Thomas W. Williams Fund
Donate Three Sisters Fund
Donate Tidelands Community Hospice Foundation Endowment
Donate TMP Endowment Fund
Donate Tom & Evelyn Smith Endowment
Donate Tom & Evelyn Smith Endowment for St. Matthew's
Donate Tonisha Bell Alston & Thaddeus Bell, II Memorial Scholarship
Donate Tony and Carrie Grant Fund
Donate Transformation Liberty Hill-Housing Initiative
Donate Transformation Liberty Hill - STEM Initiative
Donate Trident United Way Endowment of the Stewart Family
Donate Trident Urban League Endowment
Donate Tripp Rabon Memorial Fund
Donate Tumaini Fund
Donate Tyler-Varnadore Family Fund
Donate United Way of the Lowcountry Clarece Walker Legacy Endowment
Donate United Way of the Lowcountry Endowment
Donate Unrestricted Endowment for Jewish Causes
Donate UW of the Lowcountry Camp St. Mary Childhood Education Fund
Donate Valley Grove Trust
Donate Vanetta & Jim Etheredge Fund
Donate Volf Family Fund
Donate Volvo Car US Operations Community Fund
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Donate Waccamaw Community Foundation Fund
Donate Waccamaw Community Land Trust
Donate Waccamaw Community Trust
Donate Waccamaw Gives
Donate Waccamaw Holding Bin
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Donate Wannamaker Preserve Endowment
Donate Ward Family Fund
Donate Warren O. Pinckney Scholarship Endowment
Donate Waterfront Park Endowment
Donate Wayland H. Cato and Marion R. Cato Spoleto Garden Endowment
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Donate WCF Disaster Relief Fund
Donate WCF Endowment
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Donate Wes and Alicia Bishop E.D.A.F.
Donate Weston Family Fund
Donate We've Been Blessed Fund
Donate Whitecap Fund
Donate Wilbur E. Johnson Endowment
Donate Wilkerson Scholarship Fund for Charleston Catholic School
Donate William Ackerman Endowment
Donate William and Jennie Ackerman Endowment
Donate William and Prudence Finn Scholarship Endowment
Donate William Cheney Moore Scholarship
Donate William Ferguson Seabrook Endowment
Donate William F. Muckenfuss Award Endowment
Donate William Hand Hussey, Sr. and Julia B. Hussey Endowment Fund
Donate William M. Bird & Co., Inc. Endowment
Donate William McDougal Fund
Donate William Melvin Brown, Jr. Scholarship
Donate William Poteet Fund
Donate Wilmont-Shelley Family Fund
Donate Wings for Kids Endowment
Donate Winthrop Family Allendale/Hampton Fund IMO Sarah T. Winthrop
Donate Winyah Rivers Endowment
Donate Wise Guys Endowment
Donate W. Melvin & Juanita W. Brown Designated Fund
Donate Wofford College Scholarship Endowment
Donate Women Making a Difference Endowment
Donate Xuan-Chi Diep Endowment
Donate Yaschik Fund, in Honor of Irvin Slotchiver
Donate YMCA of Beaufort County Endowment
Donate YWCA Endowment
Donate Zirbel Fund
Donate Zucker Family Endowment for Addlestone Hebrew Academy
Donate Zucker Family Endowment for Brith Sholom Beth Israel
Donate Zucker Family Endowment for CYDC
Donate Zucker Family Endowment for Emanu-El Synagogue
Donate Zucker Family Endowment for Hospice
Donate Zucker Family Endowment for Hotline
Donate Zucker Family Endowment for Jenkins
Donate Zucker Family Endowment for K.K.B.E
Donate Zucker Family Endowment for Metanoia's Youth Leadership Academy
Donate Zucker Family Endowment for My Sister's House
Donate Zucker Family Endowment for N.E.W.
Donate Zucker Family Endowment for One80 Place
Donate Zucker Family Endowment for the Homeless
Donate Zucker Family Endowment for the Leukemia Society
Donate Zucker Family Endowment for Trident United Way